Newborn headbands are so in right now. Aside from being so darn cute, headbands go well with any baby’s outfit. Stylish and comfortable, they serve a purpose, too. The headbands keep the hair from falling in your baby’s eyes, allowing people to see his or her angelic face. Jessica Simpson, Katie Holmes, and Jessica Alba dress their children with adorable headbands. Options range from simple bands to fancy bows. Look for these camera-ready headbands to top off your newborn’s wardrobe.

Camera-Ready Headbands for Newborns

Basic Newborn Headbands

one of the most popular newborn headbands

Keep it simple. Frame your baby’s face with basic headbands. Perfect for daily wear, lazy days, and when you have to dress baby in a hurry. They’re the go-to staple for dressing alike on mommy-and-me days. You will find a variety of solid colors. Generally, they come in nylon or cotton fabrics. Some have a twist in the front like a turban. Widths range from Doc McStuffins-thin to Cinderella-wide. Use wider bands for bald heads. If your drooler has a full head of hair, thin headbands work best. Plain, solid-colored headbands will help you stretch your dollars. Before buying, survey your child’s wardrobe and pick colors to mix-and-match.

Crochet Newborn Headbands

girl wearing a crochet headband

Get hooked on crochet. Boys and girls can wear these soft, stretchy headbands. They have a broad width and keep ears warm on cold days. The headbands slip on and off with no trouble and won’t leave a mark on your baby’s forehead. Also, they feel gentle on the head. Babies won’t even realize they are wearing them. You will find more choices available for girls than boys. You will also find headbands decorated with bows, buttons, and other adornments. Some headbands have a thin band to complete the circle. The crochet headbands have a stretch of about two to three inches. So, they will extend as your baby head grows.

Flower Newborn Headbands

little girl wearing flower headband

Go for flower power. Flower headbands add a girlish touch to your newborn’s outfit. The delicate flowers seem too cute for words. When people see babies wearing the headbands, they utter words like ooh and aah. They’ll try to snap a picture and post it on social media with the hashtag #adorable. Options range from small daisies to large roses made of satin, chiffon, and lace. Experiment with different looks by placing the headbands across the forehead. You can also put it on the top of the head to fit like a princess’ tiara. If you ever need placement and posing ideas, just Google “baby Chanel Nicole.”

Newborn Headbands with Bows

newborn wearing a headband with bows

Try to resist taking a picture of your baby wearing a headband with bows. It’s impossible. They make your child look like she stepped out of a fairy tale. Imagine Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. The whimsical accessories look stylish on cute, bald heads. In fact, they keep people from calling a hairless girl a boy. Available in nylon and cotton, they look fabulous on your sweet newborn’s head. Get a variety of simple bows, pixie bows, and korker bows to keep your baby ready for any occasion. Look for tiny bows to wear daily. Pull out larger bows when it is time to adorn the head for church functions and parties.

Patterned Newborn Headbands

girl wearing a patterned headband

Think patterns don’t matter? They do! You will be glad you topped off your child’s outfit with a fun pattern when you start going through photos. From polka dots to stripes, they help you recall special memories. You will treasure the pictures of your child dressed in headbands for years to come. Search for fitted ones and tiebacks. Choose headbands with zigzag lines and animal prints. Try fun themes with fruits and leaves. The fitted headbands work wonders for everyday outfits. Choose them when coordinating play date ensembles, or to take a stroll in the park. Save the tiebacks for fancier occasions.

Fancy Newborn Headbands

girl wearing a belly dancer costume

Special events call for fancy headbands. Set the scene for your princess’ debut. Test out headbands made with lace, rhinestones, sequins, and feathers to see which ones you like best. They are so cute picking just one is just not possible. The dainty accessories add glamour to dresses for birthdays, photo shoots, and christenings. They also fit right into holiday themes. Search for headbands with mini embellishments. You don’t want them to overpower what your baby is wearing. A simple rhinestone headband will keep eyes focused on the baby without distraction. Post photos of your baby wearing one of these cute headbands and watch the likes go up on Facebook.

Newborn Headbands for Boys

boy with crown headband

Males have worn headbands throughout history. The first known example is the laurel wreath, given during Olympic victories. Today, David Beckham, Zac Efron, and Harry Styles wear them to keep sweat and hair away from their faces. Boys may not have as many options as girls, but they can still rock the headband with style. Make your little sports fan Instagram-worthy by coordinating a headband with a sports outfit. Try crown-shaped headbands to put the finishing touch on an ensemble. Also, look for ones that mimic cartoon characters. And, try headbands with ears on them like the ones found on Mickey Mouse.

Hair or no hair, it does not matter. Newborn headbands keep your baby ready for the camera at all times. They are soft and fit snug. Get a range of colors and styles and keep them handy for any occasion that may arise. Don’t forget to measure the baby’s head before buying. You don’t want them to fit too loose or too tight. Newborns heads measure about 12 inches.

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