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Paparazzi Accessories: Are They Selling Products that are Too Good to Be True?

Having the right accessories can make or break an outfit. Styles are constantly updating, and with them our need to update our jewelry collections. Unfortunately, finding the right accessories can not only be time-consuming but also pricey. This can turn what should be an enjoyable shopping experience into a stressful one.

That’s where companies like Paparazzi Accessories come in. This accessory company provides a wide collection of trendy and up-to-date jewelry pieces that are $5 a pop. That’s right: $5. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and more, all for the same controlled, low price. Seems to good to be true? Keep reading and find out.

Paparazzi Accessories provides a wide selection of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories and more. Their products are constantly being updated with the newest trends and fashions, creating a steady influx of new and exciting jewelry for customers each time they look. This also means that the styles you see at any given time will quickly be out the door, however, so if you come across an accessory you like be sure to snatch it up before it’s gone forever.

Paparazzi Accessories prides itself on the three F’s: Fun. Fashion. $5. And they maintain those principles. Their pieces certainly are fashionable and come in a variety of styles, each and every piece priced exactly at $5. Style plus affordability? Definitely fun.

So, they have the style and the price, but where can you buy all that glitzy glam? You can purchase this jewelry in-person from a consultant or on Paparazzi Accessories’ website, so long as you choose a consultant to shop under. You can find a consultant near you using the locator tool on the website to reach out and view and buy some products, or even host a jewelry party. That’s right: get all your friends together for a night of fab and fun, as your local consultant brings a spread of jewelry and catalogues for you to peruse in person and find what you like.

What truly makes Paparazzi Accessories unique is the dedication of its consultants and founders. Founded by two sisters who recognized a need in the market for stylish and affordable jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories still maintains that same leadership and is dedicated to fulfilling its mission, so you need not fear any price-hikes.

They also ensure that their consultants are happy in their work and are fairly compensated. Consultants make a flat percentage of all sales, without any limit, and an additional percentage off the sales of newer consultants they have recruited and signed up under them. Paparazzi Accessories uses this multi-level marketing style to provide their consultants with the opportunity for endless growth under the company.

At $5 apiece, are the products really any good? The thousands of buyers and consultants certainly seem to think so. There are dozens of styles of each type of product available at any given time, so it’s very easy to find a piece that you like. In fact, with so many to choose from, it may be more difficult to limit yourself to just a few pieces.

Bracelets are a great example of Paparazzi Accessories’ versatility and range of styles. They have all the classic beaded, metal, leather, chain, and thread styles in a variety of forms. They diversify themselves by incorporating different colors, shapes, emblems, and more. Some even take the individuality of the bracelet further by adding a string of charms or beads hanging down as a fun extension of the main piece.

The earrings, too, are in beautiful abundance. Available in dozens of designs and colors, they are particularly attractive in the way many of the products seem to mix a classic look with a trendy and modern feel, creating dazzling sets of earrings all-around. Most of the earrings available are unique designs that dangle, though the website does provide helpful quick links to specify if you’re looking for hoops, post earrings, or clip-ons.  

The rings and necklaces follow suit, providing a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from. Many of the necklaces take on the currently trending “lanyard” style, so if that’s your style be sure to check them out. There are even a few simple necklace designs geared toward men, so you can get the men in your life involved, too!

The hair accessories selection is much more limited, roughly offering around five choices, but they’re just as cute. Paparazzi Accessories seems to favor floral hair clips made of cloth, so if you’re looking for a new seasonal flower accessory this may be a great choice for you.

Paparazzi Accessories’ website is very easy to navigate in browsing their selection. Each type of accessory has its own heading to specify your search, and there are even subdivisions within some of these so you can really narrow down your search. Looking for a set of jewelry all the same color to go with a particular outfit? You can do that, too, by choosing from one of the sixteen color options available on the website to help specify your search.

Of course, browsing online can never be a complete replacement for seeing the actual physical stuff in-person, so take advantage of your local consultants! Also, don’t forget that any design you see is only available for a limited time, due to Paparazzi Accessories’ constant influx of new styles and designs. So if you see that perfect necklace or set of earrings, don’t hesitate!

All in all, public perception of Paparazzi Accessories seems pretty positive. Because of the in-person nature of most sales, customers are able to see and hold many of the products before purchasing, verifying the quality of the materials.

There seem to be no complaints from their consultants, who make 45% profit off whatever they sell. Their customers are left happy with their new jewelry pieces that, with their low-low prices, leave little room for buyer’s remorse. Additionally, Paparazzi Accessories loves hosting events for its consultants, such as fun training and shopping get togethers in locations like Las Vegas that provide opportunities for healthy competition and prize-winning among them.

Each piece is designed in the USA, though materials are made in China. In this climate of calling for companies to return their manufactures to the US, this is obviously not the ideal production place. It is unlikely, however, that they would be able to maintain their stellar $5 pricing if they moved production to the US. They do assert that their products are made in facilities that keep high quality materials and labor conditions.

If you really like Paparazzi Accessories and want to join their organization, becoming a consultant is nice and easy. All you need is to find a local consultant to sponsor you, get a little training, and you’re ready to go!

Paparazzi Accessories works with a multi-level marketing business structure. Each consultant makes 45% direct profit from all their own sales. For each consultant that you sponsor, you receive an additional 5-10% of their downline profits. There is no limit to how much profit you can make in this manner, so sell, sell, sell!

There is also the option for consultants to buy the jewelry at its market value of $5 a piece and then sell it for higher price and thus increase your profit. This, however, loses the special ring that $5 can have to customers, and so therefore may result in an overall lower volume of sales. After all, it’s somehow mentally easier to spend $10 on two products than $8 on one. In this way, then, it seems like Paparazzi Accessories has the right idea when it comes to pricing.

Selling jewelry can be a really fun job to adopt. You can spend time with good friends, reconnect with old ones, meet new people, and of course, go to parties! Getting paid to go to parties? Sounds like a dream come true.

Hosting a party for a local consultant is a great way to have fun with your friends while you indulge in an evening of guilt-free and fun shopping. Aside from the fun, Paparazzi Accessories will also reward you for hosting! So long as collectively among your friends $50 worth or more jewelry is purchased by the end of the evening, you will earn 10% of the sales in free jewelry. So, if by the end of the night your party has just made that $50 cutoff, that’s already one accessory that you’ve earned just for hosting a fun evening!

Have friends scattered all over the place, or can’t quite find the time to host a full-on party? You can also host parties virtually and stay nice and comfy at home.

You might be wondering; how does Paparazzi Accessories compare to other multi-level marketing jewelry companies you may have heard about? The answer is, actually pretty well.

Most of the chief complaints for companies like Premier Designs revolve around low-quality jewelry paired with an expensive price tag. With the $5 guarantee from Paparazzi Accessories, you shouldn’t expect the highest of quality material jewelry, but you are buying what you pay for and are getting a pretty good deal. Other companies, however, mark-up the prices of their jewelry a ridiculous amount, selling pieces often upward of $100 whose quality doesn’t live up to the price.

While direct commission may be higher for consultants due to the higher pricing of the items, it may also be difficult to sell as many products in the first place due to their expensive nature. Additionally, while Premier Designs offers 50% commission on products sold (five percent higher than that offered by Paparazzi Accessories), there have been complaints of the company not actually fulfilling this.

So, comparatively, Paparazzi Designs seems to be pretty fair to its consultants and customers. Consultants should just be aware that because of the low-priced nature of the products, they should make their best efforts to sell as much as possible to earn the most commission if they are solely relying on consulting for income.

Paparazzi Accessories loves providing their consultants with fun events to meet each other, socialize, and learn more about how to be successful. One such event is Aspire, taking place in Las Vegas, that allows for consultants to come together and train. Leading up to the event, Paparazzi Accessories provides incentives for consultants to up their sales, earning “bling bits” for meeting sales goals that increase their chances to win prizes.

This is just one of Paparazzi Accessories’ events for its consultants. With the continual growth that the company is experiencing, it is likely that they will hold more in future in different locations.

So, what’s our verdict? Does Paparazzi Accessories really live up to the $5 hype? It seems…yes.

Just looking at the pieces currently available, it can be hard to restrain yourself from buying all that gorgeous bling, each priced so cheaply that it doesn’t feel bad to splurge. Taking advantage of what Paparazzi Accessories has to offer is a great way to treat yourself and remain free of buyer’s remorse. Because of the collaborative nature of the company, you can also have fun with it by hosting a jewelry party for you and all your friends, sharing the awesome products and deals while also getting everyone together.

As for being a consultant? That seems like a pretty sweet deal, too. With the flat commission free of any limitations, you can really make the most of it if you choose to get involved. Many who have sold the accessories say that they basically sell themselves, buyers eager to purchase the fun and affordable pieces. Paired with the social nature of the work, working as a consultant seems a great way to have fun on the job.

Take advantage of all Paparazzi Accessories has to offer, either as a consultant or a customer, worry free. Save money and look fashionable in the process!

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