The Athletic Bow: From Turf to Dirt, Ribbon Bows For Hair Are In!

Traditional athletic uniforms for a lot of sports can be well, plain jane. Especially when you are talking about versatile sports where girls and boys uniforms have very few distinctions. Until now.

Customized Bows

A new trend emerging, hairbows are  being worn on soccer fields, lacrosse and softball, bringing popularity back to the bow! From beginner leagues all the way to the College Games, girls are showing off their team colors and personal style. What size bow? That seems to be a personal choice, from the little bow to sizes sometimes as large as a dinner plate. Even the style can range from single tied ribbons to bows with tails. To customize the look,matching the style of bow and ribbon to school colors is certainly the most popular but adding team logos, monograms even rhinestones can bring the bling to a team!

What’s Your Style?

Part fashion statement and part sport culture, hair ribbons add a soft side to the grit of athletic sports. Simple ⅞” grosgrain or silk ribbons can be hand tied into a bow directly onto a ponytail. This look is super popular amongst Softball teams. From beginners to the nationals, you can find them being worn into the top ranks of College World Series Softball.

Another bow that is popular amongst many sports is the boutique bow with long tails, bringing a refined look to athletic fields. To hold their shape, these bows are typically made with grosgrain ribbon.  There are many types, from a single bow to double grosgrain, these bows can even be stacked with an additional topper bow. Whether wearing a helmet or face goggles, placement of the bow is the only thing you need to consider to keep from any interference. However, there is one important safety measure that all bows have in common.

Elastic Hair Ties

Traditionally, bows can be attached to a variety of items. Personal preference determines if you like a french barrette, alligator clip or a variety of other options. However the safety guidelines in most athletic sports have made the choice easy. Elastic hair ties, or ponytail holders as they are sometimes called are required to be attached to bows worn on most sports fields. Why? To prevent any injury occuring to the player from the bow if they are bumped, hit or fall. Imagine the stainless steel clip on a bow being hit into your head, ouch..

Also, if a bow was to fall out or come apart from the hair, the clip becomes a dangerous piece another player could fall on, getting a possible injury. Bows being attached to a simple elastic avoids these possibilities.


So individualize your look no matter what sport or activity you participate in with a custom hair bow. Remember there is no “right” hair accessory to wear unless it’s regulated by your activity. BE YOU!
Thanks for reading and you can contact me directly with any questions or comments regarding the above article.

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