Bow ties are a wardrobe staple, and every stylish man should have a few in his closet. For maximum impact, go with a self tie bow tie. When tied correctly, they’re far more dapper than their pre-tied counterparts. You can wear them with a suit or a casual shirt with sneakers – the possibilities are endless. Once you learn the basics of tying it yourself, you’ll see how easier it is to get the look you’re after in just a few minutes. Have a glance at these great options for stylish men.

Choosing Your Self Tie Bow Tie – Top 13 Picks

Silk Handmade Men’s Solid Black Self Tie Bow Tie

silk self tie bow tie

If you’re looking for a classic black bow tie, consider this option from Knot & Tie Company. It’s made of 100% premium silk, which makes it an elegant finishing touch to formal wear. Each tie is also handmade, making them unique gifts. These ties are adjustable, and they can be tied to suit necks ranging from 14″ to 18″. With their rich texture and high-quality hand stitching, this tie will surely make anyone look dapper.

Woven Silk Men’s Science Guy Self Tie Bow Tie

white and blue periodic table bow tie

This OoOtie tie is perfect for the science lover in your life. It’s patterned with the periodic table of elements, and it comes in a chic green hue. This snazzy tie is made of 100% woven silk, and it’s engineered by self-proclaimed nerds in Boston. Wear this tie with your favorite suit and you’re sure to stand out.

Violet Plaid Self Tie Bow Tie

plaid bow tie

If you’re looking to be a trendsetter, you can’t go wrong with this violet plaid tie. The pattern is a charming combination of violet, black, and white, and it’s sure to pop when paired with a classic black suit. The tie is handmade out of woven silk, and it measures 2.5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide. Ties by The TieBar have been featured in GQ Magazine, so you know they’re stylish.

Geometric Print Self Tie Bow Tie

blue PenSee bow tie

When you want something a little different, reach for this bow tie by PenSee. It’s got an eye-catching geometric pattern rendered in dark black and grey. The tie itself is durable and high quality, and each and every one is handmade. This means that they’re all a little bit unique. Wear this striking neck accessory next time you’re going out on the town.

Nautical Anchor Self Tie Bow Tie

navy blue nautical anchor bow tie

Sailing aficionados will love this nautical patterned bow tie. It’s made of navy blue silk, and the fabric features tiny embroidered anchors. This subtle but stylish pattern is perfect for daytime occasions, from chic brunches to garden parties. It’s also made of the finest silk, which feels soft and sumptuous to the touch. If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll also appreciate the beautiful hand stitching.

Checked Jacquard Self Tie Bow Tie

Pensee Mens Self Bow Tie Multi-color Plaids & Checked Jacquard Woven Silk Bow Ties

When you need a bow tie to complete a springtime ensemble, you can’t go wrong with this fun checked option. The blue, green, and orange plaid makes this a versatile statement piece. The high thread-count gives the material a soft feel. This adjustable tie is great for a number of occasions, ranging from office parties to daytime weddings.

Patterned Self Tie Bow Tie

Dan Smith microfiber red and blue bow tie

This elegant option is constructed from 100% woven microfiber. The floral pattern uses hues of bold red and blue, and the fabric has a slight sheen. This tie is perfect for an elegant date or an upscale wedding. It also comes packaged in a sturdy box, making it a great gift.

Paisley Jacquard Self Tie Bow Tie

paisley jacquard bow tie worn with a white shirt

If you’re searching for the perfect paisley bow tie, look no further than this stylish option from SetSense. It’s made of 100% silk, and the charming paisley pattern combines blue, rust, and gold. You will also be receiving a handkerchief with the tie. You’re sure to feel dapper with this stylish paisley set.

Stripe Self Tie Bow Tie

The Bar Navy Stripe Bow Tie

There are few style staples so classic as stripes. This TieBar bow tie will be the perfect accessory to your favorite navy suit. The trendy pattern blends navy, light blue, and white, and the handmade tie is 100% silk. Most men can adjust this tie; it fits a range of neck sizes from 13.75 inches to 18.5 inches.

Double Sided Jacquard Self Tie Bow Tie

HISDERN set including bow tie and handkerchief

This great tie gives you two for the price of one. On one side, there’s a chic white and black striped pattern. On the other side, there’s a white polka dot pattern on a black background. The tie also comes with a striped handkerchief. This is a fun way to spruce up a standard suit.

Houndstooth Self Tie Bow Tie

SetSense Men's Houndstooth Jacquard Woven Self Bow Tie Set

For a classic look, you can’t go wrong with houndstooth. This tie is decorated with the traditional black and white houndstooth pattern, and it’s perfect for when you need to attend an upscale event. It measures 2.5 inches wide by 37 inches long and you can adjust it to fit an array of neck widths. It also comes with a stylish houndstooth handkerchief that will look great popping out of your pocket.

Polka Dot Woven Self Tie Bow Tie

SetSense bow tie and handkerchief set

If you want all eyes to be on you, wear this snazzy polka dot bow tie. Its large-scale pattern combines shades of white and green. The material is 100% silk, and the woven jacquard fabric is soft to the touch. The set includes a matching handkerchief. Pair both with your best blazer and prepare for a barrage of compliments.

American Flag Self Tie Bow Tie

American flag bow tie with white shirt and suit

Feeling patriotic? You can’t go wrong with this bow tie emblazoned with the American flag. It’s made of 100% microfiber, and it’s completely handmade. Don your best navy blazer, tie this around your neck, and you’re ready for this year’s Fourth of July barbeque.

Choose either one of these bow ties because they won’t disappoint. Which of these 13 fun bow ties is your favorite? Got your eyes on another self-tie bow tie that we might have missed?  Leave a comment below!

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