You love your long hair. You’re so happy to have beautiful long hair, and you know you’re lucky. You don’t want to seem like you’re complaining or anything, because you love your hair, but sometimes, it’s really a pain.

Your hair is work.

From getting the right shampoo and conditioner to using the right styling products, keeping your hair long and healthy feels like a full-time job.

You have to cut it routinely to keep the ends fresh and healthy, you have to deep condition it from time to time, and you have to read the labels on a lot of shampoo bottles.

You have to keep up on hairstyles and health trends.

Sulfates are out, right?

What about layers? How do you do that fish tail braid again?

You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to keeping your locks lovely and your hair game strong. You spend all this time researching and caring about your hair because the alternative is frankly, a little frightening.

Without this armor of information and hair care steps, you’d be left with limp and lifeless hair that had no shine, no body, and no oomph.

You’ve seen it happen to other people, and it’s not going to happen to you.

But no matter how hard you try, and how much time you spend, there are some long hair problems that you just can’t seem to leave behind.

Does the Tangle Teezer Really Work?

woman playing with her hair

The biggest one among them is tangles.

You condition, and comb, and gently towel dry. But somehow, the little knots and tangles are always there. You take precautions when you work out or go to bed, and yet, you still end up with tangles.

You’ve had one or two traumatic knots that had to be cut out, and it’s not an experience you want to repeat. Thank goodness they were on the underside of your hair.  But still, the echo of those scissor snips haunts you.

To those who don’t have experience with long hair, or hair that gets tangles and knotted easily, these problems might sound a tad over dramatic – but not to you.

Knots and tangles in your hair are of course not the worst thing in the world, but they are pretty high up on the hierarchy of hair disasters. They fall just under giving yourself at-home highlights and just above cutting your own bangs.

So what can be done about this tangled, woven web?

When you’re in a jam, you’ve probably tried sprays, spritzes, and a few conditioning treatments, but these only provide temporary relief, and sometimes not even that.

What you need is a product designed to comb through knots and tangles while leaving your hair healthy and intact.

Tangle Teezer logo

The Tangle Teezer just might be the answer that you’ve been looking for.

This compact, toothy little tool has taken the Internet by storm, and you can’t help but take notice. Sure, it makes some pretty big promises when it comes to dealing with knots and tangles – but you’re not really sure if you should believe the hype.

To make things easier, you need a breakdown of all the Tangle Teezer features and a good look at what actual consumers are saying about it.

Here’s everything you need to know to decide if the Tangle Teezer has some real teeth, or if it’s all frizz.

It Features an Innovative Design

original detangler

Hair care has made massive leaps and bounds since you were a kid.

And yet, it still seems like the only thing to offer you at a time of tangled crisis is a slightly more expensive version of No More Tears detangling spray.

That’s right, if you do a quick Internet search for detangling products, you’re faced mainly with sprays and conditioners.

It’s a nice thought, right?

Wouldn’t it be great if you just had to coat your hair in a sort of olive oil mixture and watch as it miraculously untangled?

But sprays and leave-in treatments don’t get to the heart of the problem.  

They still leave you needing to untangle your own mess.

And what’s so encouraging about the Tangle Teezer is that it’s an actual tool designed to fight through knots and tangles.

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This fighting power comes from its patented teeth formation. The teeth bend and flex through your hair without locking onto tangles. This flexibility keeps your hair from breaking and getting damaged, and it allows the teeth to go to work.

It also features two tiers of teeth – a long set and a short set. The long set works on the detangling, and the short set helps smooth your hair and add shine. It’s this dual design that will quickly make it one of your favorite brushes for not just emergency situations, but also for everyday use.

Using this tool, you get hair that’s shinier, silkier, and smoother. It looks healthier, and it breaks less often. You won’t have to worry about cutting knots out, and you won’t have to treat your hair like it’s made of glass either.

It’s Easy for Anyone to Use Anytime

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The Tangle Teezer wins some major bonus points for working on all types of hair, from thick and curly to thin and fine. It also gets points for working on both wet and dry hair.

It’s so annoying when you find a hair care tool or product that can only work in a limited capacity. Some you have to have your hair wet for, and others only work if it’s dry.

No products found.
No products found.

How about a hair care product that just works on hair, period?

That’s what the Tangle Teezer is able to accomplish.

You can use it the shower after you shampoo in condition, or your can use it after you give your coif a nice blow out.

And if you’ve got some really hard to tame tresses there is a special Thick and Curly version that is designed for use on full and thick hair. The bristles are longer and stronger, and they’ll show your hair who’s boss. They won’t break under the weight of your hair, but they’ll still bend enough to keep from damaging your hair.

It’s Affordable

No products found.

You already invested a lot of money in your hair, so you’re probably not looking to spend even more hard-earned cash on a gadget that you might still be skeptical of.

But at $15 or $16, you can afford to give it a try. In fact, at that price, if it can solve your tangling problems, it’s really actually priceless.

This is a welcome surprise because so many hair products can get really expensive really fast.

Hair dryers, flat irons, ceramic brushes, curlers, even shampoo, can cost you an arm and a leg for the latest and greatest. In comparison, a brush that you can take anywhere and use anytime starts to seem pretty reasonable.

It’s Fun to Use

tangle teezer colors

Okay, so you don’t buy tools and brushes for your hair just because they look cool – but it doesn’t hurt to buy for that reason.

The Tangle Teezer is cute. It comes in fun colors, fun patterns, and it’s compact enough to fit in your purse, your gym bag, or your carry on. It can go everywhere with you.

You don’t have to worry about airport security or outlet adaptors. It’s a gadget, sure, but it’s as low maintenance as you wish your hair was.

You can get a Tangle Teezer covered in glitter or simply pick one in multiple neon shades. Limited edition ones with flamingos are available as well.

You name it you can get it.

And why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t you have a beauty product that is tailored to your personality?

Of course you should.

The freedom to express yourself extends from the way you style your hair all the way down to the tools you use to style it with.

The Tangle Teezer makes it easy to find that one that’s right for you.

The best way to get this awesome variety is to go straight to the source. The Tangle Teezer’s website is packed with neat options. You can choose from the Original, the Thick and Curly, or the Compact styler.

All the options come in signature fun colors and a series of special prints.

It’s Well Reviewed

two women checking tablet

The customer reviews on Sephora’s website are packed with positive words.

Wow. Life Saver. Game changer. Incredible. Amazing.

Some customers seem to only lament the fact that they wasted so much of their lives without a Tangle Teezer.

More than 600 customers have reviewed the original on Sephora’s site and they are almost all overwhelmingly positive. It has a nearly five-star rating, and reviewers are not only raving about it, they’re insisting you buy one too.

They insist their lives have been changed dramatically by the teezer. They are now members of the church of the Tangle Teezer and they can’t wait to spread the gospel until everyone is a true believer.

Customer enthusiasm leaps off the page.

It’s hard not to be convinced and enthralled by their zeal, especially when you can scroll through customer uploads and check out the results for yourself.

There are only a handful of skeptics who didn’t see the value in the brush, but those are definitely an anomaly. Some criticize minor design flaws, but most have only positive feedback to offer.

Everyone else praises the Tangle Teezer for giving them a quick and easy way to fight knots and tangles without breaking their hair.

Customers aren’t the only ones who seem to think this little gadget is worth it.

It’s also the winner of an Allure Best of Beauty Award, and it has a list of celebrity devotees a mile long. Keira Knightley swears by it, and so does Emma Watson. Say no more, right? Emma wouldn’t steer you wrong, would she? And if the Tangle Teezer can give you hair like hers, you just might have to buy too.

Beauty bloggers love it. Beauty editors love it.

Everyone is pretty convinced that this palm-sized tool has revolutionized the way people deal with knotted tresses.

It’s Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

By now, you might be ready to jump all aboard the Tangle Teezer train –  and you should.

But not without a word of warning.

There are dozens of companies that have created cheap knock-offs that claim to be Tangle Teezers, but they do not deliver the same incomparable results.

They look the same, they have the same name stamped on the smooth back of their brush, but the quality is not the same.

Those who get swindled notice the difference immediately.

It’s easy to see why this is a product that gets copied so often. It looks like a hairbrush with no handle. It looks simple enough to imitate. It looks like companies can just rinse and repeat the results, but the Tangle Teezer stands by their revolutionary design.

You have to do your research when you purchase one, and you have to beware of some online sellers, especially on Amazon. Ugh, that hurts. You buy everything on Amazon, but this might be a time to check out an authorized retailer like Sephora, or the company’s official website. You won’t end up with a discounted price, but you will end up with the product you paid for.

Betting on a Tangle Teezer is a Safe Bet

By now, you know just about everything there is to know about the Tangle Teezer.

You know about its revolutionary design. It works on all hair types, and that it can give you locks, free of knots and tangles, and full of shine and luster. You know it’s easy to use, and it comes in a world of fun colors and patterns.

It also comes highly recommended by famous celebrities down to ordinary people just like you. People who have hair just like yours and who don’t have a team of beauty experts around them at all times recommend them too.

It’s done wonders for so many people, and now it can work for you.

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