One of the best perks of being a girl is that you can style your hair with ties, elastic bands, bows, ribbons and all sorts of other girly accessories. Even more so, we don’t even have to dye our hair or apply tinsel or extensions to change our look; we can spice up a classic bun with a ribbon, color a ponytail with a scrunchie, use bracelet parts for hair ties or cover our foreheads with a hippie head band. As if things couldn’t get any better, we don t even have to buy a hair tie from brands like Emi Jay, Scunci, Goody or Kitsch No Crease / Creaseless, we can contact wholesale suppliers where can get fabric and start up DIY projects to make our own bow or hair tie. How can you make your own hair tie at home? You will be surprised to see how accessories like bracelets or a scarf can be tied back, over, in, under and around your hair to create the ultimate ties for long, medium or short hair. Stretch, knot and fold to perfection with the Top 10 Creative Hair Tie Ideas, each complete with a short tutorial for tying your way to cute hair heaven!

pin up bandana

1. Pin-Up Bandana

Let’s be serious, who doesn’t adore the pin-up look? Even though it might not suit all of us, you have to agree that a red bandana can do wonders for a classy girl. There are three words you need to keep in mind for this look: twist, tie and pin. Take a look at the image we have provided and add some red lipstick at the end for the ultimate effect. My goodness, you look fabulous, darling!

boho headband

2. Boho Headband

A thin, knotted headband perfectly wrapped around your head can turn you into the fashion queen of the 70s. You can effortlessly nail the boho look by taking three pieces of thin leather laces (in different tones) and braiding them together for a super cute headband. Alternatively, you can get even more creative and create an intricate braid with more pieces. At the end, you can top off the look by sewing on a few feathers at the tip. To rock it like a true boho, wrap it on the upper half of your forehead and tie a knot at the side of your head, allowing the tails to flow naturally down with your hair.

thin leather band headband

3. Thin Leather Belt

Bet you never thought a belt could be used as a hair piece, did you? We absolutely fell in love with this idea ever since we saw the image; you can do it with the help of a super thin leather belt. Pull your hair up in a messy bun and use a discrete hair tie to pull it together. After that, take the belt and wrap it around the bun about two times and use the buckle to secure it in place. You can either cut off the remaining leather if the tail is two long, or snug it under your bun if it’s short enough.

new-style floral headband

4. Floral Reinvention

You know what we love the most about this DIY hair tie? You can take a shirt, pillowcase, tablecloth… any type of material you could ever imagine, and transform it into a super cute headband. The only thing you need to do is find a larger piece of material that you can afford to cut and use a pair of scissors for a long and wide (about two to three fingers wide) piece). Next, create a messy top knot and take the fabric and wrap it around your head like a band. Slightly to the side, tide the ends in a bow. Cut off the tails for a nice final touch.

girl making a scarf bow head tie

5. Scarf Bow

Your favorite scarf not only can be worn around your neck, but also in your hair! Pull your hair back into a ponytail and get your scarf ready by knotting it once around the ponytail. With your head facing down, start folding a bow together, carefully pulling each look to adjust it. After that, you can pull the loops for a larger bow in front of the mirror, depending on how you want the result to look.

DIY flower crown

6. DIY Flower Crown

Take a regular hairband and sew silk flowers all around it for the sweetest DIY flower crown that won’t take up a lot of your time. If you want the flower crown to rest comfortably on your head, take a long piece of wire and adjust it to the size of your head, cutting off the remaining wire. Use additional wire to weave the silk flowers onto the main wire until your crown is complete.

yarn braided fishtail

7. Yarn Fishtail

This creative hair tie idea is super easy if you know how to make a fishtail braid. All you have to do is take long pieces of colorful yarn and add them to your hair as you braid it down into a fishtail. At the end, you can wrap a piece of yarn to secure your fishtail in place.

hippie head sash

8. Hippie Head Sash

This is possibly the simplest idea on our list. You just need to take a long and lovely sash or scarf and wrap it once across your forehead, tying it to the back of your head. You can go crazy with boho accessories to complete this hippielicious look.

chain hair tie

9. Chain Hair Tie

If you love getting your bling on, you can create little chain hair ties by reusing an old bracelet or by taking a small trip to your favorite arts and crafts store. First of all, you have to decide on the king of hairstyle you want to use your chain hair tie for; pigtails, ponytail, braids etc. The next step is to measure the pulled up hair with the chain so you know how much to cut off. P.S. you can make sure that your hair stays in place by using a super thin black hair tie under the chain so it won’t be seen.

retro head wrap with scarf

10. Retro Head Wrap

Take a wide, wired piece of ribbon and make your very own retro head wrap. The steps are similar to the pin-up bandana idea, but here you have to adjust the tails of the wired bow so you enjoy how it looks on you. Add some sassy retro sunglasses and hit the streets!

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