Early on in 2015, it had already become clear that the various styles and types of hair bows currently available on the market had become an issue for the establishment of the fashion industry. They were already being featured in cute hair tutorials all over YouTube, but, as usual, street style seems threatening to the fashion industry. At that point, established lifestyle magazine Harper’s Bazaar asked eight of their female readers to express their views on several types of hair bows.

Could they work them into an outfit? Is it all right for grown women to sport them on the regular? Should they be ostracized to the ‘kids fashion’ arena. We believe that the hair bow is here to stay and we are also pretty sure we’re going to be seeing a lot of it in 2015. This why today’s post brings you three totally trendy styles of bows and ribbons you might want to try out for yourself come the warmer season.

#1 Oversized bows and ribbons

model alexa chung with hair tied back in blue hair bow

If the mere sight of the word ‘oversized’ sends shivers down your spine, you might want to reconsider your style options for spring/summer ’15. Ever since the Olsen sisters exploded onto the style scene as icons in their own right, some ten years ago, the oversized trend became eponymous with the urban bohemian look. Anything from bags, to shirts, to blazers and coats has seen a larger-than-life variant since. This has been largely influenced by a return to the style of the 80s and early 90s, of course – and this influence has not been lost on the various available sizes of bows and ribbons.

Still not convinced? You don’t even have to take out word for it. Check out some of the latest media apparitions by style darlings Zooey Deschanel and Alexa Chung. If they don’t know how to look effortlessly chic and natural, who does, right? Deschanel adopts a more feminine, composed look, with heavy retro influences. This is why she can be routinely spotted with a big bow in her hair, yet one in a neutral color, neatly tucked in behind her famous bangs. Meanwhile, Chung is the prototypical urban bohemian, with loosely flowing wavy hair and piercing blue eyes. In the photo below, her natural pony tail brings them out, while the classic navy color of the bow only does more to enhance their presence.

#2 Patterned bows

colorful types of hair bows in animal print flowers and polka dots

If you’re thinking patterns and designs only go well for Halloween bows, you need to think again. Sure, bows and ribbons do have something costume-y about them, but this doesn’t mean they can’t work just fine when integrated in a day-to-day outfit. Patterns have been a major trend for many years now, but the focus has switched from animal prints, to minimalistic pinstripes, back to wider stripes, through cartoonish prints, and now back to florals.

This season, the Aztec print will continue to reign supreme, but it will be closely followed by floral designs. Whereas the previous season had us all clad from head to toe in tiny repetitive floral patterns, for spring/summer 2015, we have a completely different story going on. The flowers this season are going to be big and bold, but not bright. Pastels have toppled neon colors in their quest for supremacy and will be seen in various types of hair bows – from clips to sashes to pins.

At the same time, some fashion and style experts predict that animal print will be making a big comeback this warm season. We’ve seen cheetah, zebra, and tiger prints on footwear, leather accessories, and hair accessories all throughout autumn and winter. While the prints in question might become smaller and more subdued for winter, this doesn’t mean they are not here to stay.

#3 Retro hair bows

Model Cara Delevigne in retro hair bow at LV fashion show backstage

So far, in discussing the upcoming trends for this spring’s featured types of head bows, we focused more on hair clips. However, it’s important to understand the potential of the headband with a bow, too. As mentioned above, Zooey Deschanel is a huge fan – and she’s definitely not the only one. One of the most talked about moments at the latest New York fashion week featured It Girl of the hour, Cara Delevigne, dressed from head to toe in Louis Vuitton, straight off the brand’s latest runway.

Delevigne was sporting a deliciously retro white headband, which prompted comparisons with another major hot asset of a certain era, Miss Brigitte Bardot herself. And Miroslava Duma was also spotted in a complete Vuitton outfit, which she topped with a white oversized, schoolgirl-chic headband with a bow. Then there was Ulyana Sergheenko at the same event, hair bow in tow.

The controversial designer has never been one to shy away from bending the rules of the style game. In all, wide, retro hair bands that also feature bows will continue to feature in this spring’s fashion editorials and street style features, no doubt about it! And if supermodels can pull it off, we’re sure you know how to make cute hair bows for yourself and wear them in any way you like, for a tinge of that retro flair.

Image Sources: Harper’s BazaarWeHeartIt

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