Many people are familiar with the extreme comfort and luxurious warmth a pair of Ugg boots provides, but they may also only be familiar with the plain “classic” Uggs. In reality, Uggs come in a massive variety of colors and styles to pair beautifully with a wide variety of fashions. One of the most popular styles of Uggs are the ultra-classy Uggs with bows that offer a more fashionable and sometimes whimsical flair to the traditional Ugg boots. Here is a list of 7 of the top-selling Uggs with bows.

7 Super-Classy But Comfortable UGGs with Bows

1. Bailey Bow Tall

uggs with bows

This luxurious and elegant tall boot features three coordinating satin ribbons tied into bows which run up the back of the boot. The boot itself is a slip on boot, so the ribbons are decorative rather than being an actual fastener. The boot features an ingenious layered design which expands or contracts in the back to accommodate a wide range of calf sizes.

What’s more, the design also allows some of the luxurious wool lining to peek through, creating a nice coordinating fur accent under the bows. Measuring approximately 12 inches from the arch, the high shaft of this boot will hit most women right around the knee or just below.


  • Available in Chestnut.
  • 12-inch shaft.
  • Available in (US) women’s sizes 5 – 10.

2. Bailey Bow II

Bailey Bow II boots

One of the best-selling pairs of Uggs with bows is the Bailey Bow II. The Bailey Bow II is a shorter version of the Bailey Bow Tall boot and comes in 5 muted colors for understated elegance. Each boot is fastened in the back with two coordinating satin ribbons and features the same design as the tall Bailey, which offers extreme comfort and ease in putting on and removing the boot.

The boots themselves are slip-ons, with the bows being permanently tied in the back, which makes them a breeze to simply slide on and slide off. Furthermore, each boot is lined with luxurious sheepskin, providing both supreme comfort and maximum warmth. The breathability of sheepskin, however, makes them excellent for wearing both indoors and out.


  • 5 color choices available, including Navy, Black, Chestnut, Chocolate, and Grey.
  • 7.5-inch shaft.
  • Available in (US) women’s sizes 5-12.

3. Mini Bailey Bow II

black Mini Bailey Bow II

Much like the classic Bailey Bow II, the mini Bailey Bow II features an ankle length shaft and a single bow adorning the back of the boot. The mini Bailey Bow II is also a slip on boot that comfortably slides on and off quickly and easily and features Ugg’s lightweight sole for maximum comfort. Available in two colors: a stunning and vibrant Red Violet and a muted Nightfall, the mini Bailey Bow II is made from classic Ugg sheepskin and lined with fur to keep your feet warm and toasty during mid-winter outings.


  • Available in two colors: Red Violet and Nightfall.
  • 5.5-inch shaft.
  • Available in (US) women’s sizes 5 – 11.

4. Naveah

Naveah boots

The women’s Naveah is made of classic Ugg sheepskin and comes in 2 colors. The Naveah features a single fur-lined “bow tie” bow, which adorns the back of the boot. Featuring the same shaft height as the mini Bailey Bow II, the Naveah is also a slip on boot, so the bow is an accessory and not necessary for fastening the boot. Like most Ugg boots, the Naveah is also lined with sheepskin for luxurious comfort and warmth.


  • Available in Black and Chestnut.
  • 5.5-inch shaft.
  • Available in (US) women’s sizes 5 – 11.

5. Classic Short Mini Crystal

Classic Short Mini Crystal boots

For women that prefer a more fun and flirty flair to their wardrobe, Ugg has partnered with Disney to create this adorable yet elegant homage to Minnie Mouse. This pair of Uggs with bows pairs a classic black sheepskin boot with a red and white crystal “Minnie Mouse Bow” across the back. A red tag on the heel with the both the Disney and Ugg logos provides a stunning accent across the heel. The 3/4 length shaft makes them a perfect shoe to pair with either leggings or skirts.


  • Available only in black
  • 8-inch shaft
  • Available in (US) women’s sizes 5 – 11

6. Cameron

black cameron boots

The women’s Cameron Uggs with bows is an elegant and luxurious take on a motorcycle boot. The Cameron boot features leather and grommet straps which run across the arch and around the ankle, with the ankle strap ending in a simple bow at the back. This beautiful and elegant boot is the perfect boot to add a little touch of rebel to almost any outfit.


  • Available only in black.
  • 6-inch Shaft.
  • Available in (US) women’s sizes 5 – 11.

7. Youth Bailey Bow Starlight

Youth Bailey Bow Starlight kids boots

Girls can also pair comfort with luxurious elegance with these girl’s Starlight Uggs with bows. Featuring Ugg’s classic wool lining and light flexible outsole, kids won’t have to sacrifice comfort for class. Made of velvet, the boots shimmery dot design will have girls prancing through the snow and cold weather in style.


  • Available in Navy and Lonely Hearts.
  • 6-inch shaft height.
  • Available in (US) girl’s sizes 5 and 6.

Uggs come in a wide variety of shapes and styles including Uggs with bows. From the sparkly and shimmery to the classic and luxurious to the downright edgy, there is a pair of Uggs that is just right for almost every outfit. Feel free to share your experiences with Uggs with other readers and your reviews or comments regarding these delightful, luxurious and super classy Uggs with bows!

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