Cute Bows Ideas for Fashionistas

Perfectly accessorizing an outfit is a difficult task even for the most gifted of designers and fashionistas, and each accessory you chose makes a statement as to who you are. Hair bows are no exception to that rule and, although you can’t truly wear any type of bow to the most formal of attires, there is a solution for every situation. Cute bows are easy to come across- what’s difficult is to make sure that they’re correctly with an outfit. So we’ve collected some of the most unique hair bows and ribbons so that you’re all set with a wide selection.

Holiday-Themed Bows

When choosing an outfit, the occasion often influences our option. So whether Valentine’s Day, St. Paddy’s or Christmas, there’s a bow for any occasion.

This pink and red piece, for instance, works perfectly with your cleverly planned Valentine’s Day outfit. Imagine a tiny black dress with clean lines, a long, thin golden necklace and one eye-catching accessory hidden among your beautiful strands of hair.

red pink hair bow

St. Paddy’s is another occasion to show off some accessories that you and you alone own. Do it yourself bows are not only clever but also simple to make and give you the edge you might need. For this cute bow, all you need is a needle, some thread and a bit of green material you’re going to sew together. When unsure, always check the plethora of tutorials on how to make cute hair bows.

st paddy's hair bow

If you’re a bit more conservative or have a particular interest in Victorian fashion, adding a bit of lace to bow you have might be the detail that sets you apart. Or, if you own a bow holder, create your own by combining some black silk and white lace.

Victorian hair bow

If Halloween bows are more your thing, you can go with anything from spider-printed materials to minuscule leather bat bows. You can even cluster several bows and ribbons for a particular look.

halloween leather bat bows

Tutorials and DIY Bows

Each of us browse the world wide web for particular information. And for girls, cute hair tutorials are undoubtedly one of the most browsed topics (with good merit). A good hair day is worth millions and they take preparation. If you’re on the clumsy side or don’t particularly like working with your hands, you can still achieve unique looks in no time when choosing the perfect design. This design, for instance, takes minimum effort but provides a one-of-a-kind look, elegant and sweet.

how to make cute hairbows

After making a couple of these bows, you’ll surely start running out of bow hangers to neatly store all your hair accessories. And if you didn’t already own a bow hanger, don’t worry. Your room will look that much sweeter with one placed right next to your bed.

bow hangers

Elegance and Grace

There is something about lace that wins a girl over every time. And why shouldn’t it- lace is the noblest of embellishments. It dresses up the simplest of outfits and completes a dress that would otherwise seem bland.

lace hair bow 2

Mixing and matching with colors can also produce surprising results. So never fear to pick the oddest of colors because they can be combined in the most unique of ways.

There are those overcomplicated hair bows with feathers and over-the-top embellishments which, at times, do work, however, if you’re of the “less is more” belief, make sure to always achieve the perfect balance between size, color and embellishment number so that your accessory doesn’t become too much.

Improvisation is also an option when you’re on the run. Consider that a strong contrast can be all you need to achieve the look you’re going for. Blonde hair, for instance, or dyed hair can benefit from a cleverly chosen ribbon or bow.

black hair bow

When everything else fails and you still haven’t identified the perfect bow for your outfit, you can always resort to hair grips, which now come in so many shapes and sizes. Whether you wear them as they are intended or begin experimenting by braiding your hair around and under the hair grip, there is one certainty. You’ll look absolutely fabulous.

This golden hair grip, for instance, is absolutely stunning. You can make your own hair grip with modeling wire or metal pins.

golden hair grip

Bohemian hairstyles are also exquisitely beautiful and provide a certain element of grace to the wearer. Consider letting your hair flow or loosely securing it with bobby pins before adding a hair grip that completes the look.

bohemian star hair grip

As far as hair accessories are concerned sky is the limit. We hope that the examples above will give you the creative spark that you need to make your own cute bows. Assort shapes, sizes and styles to obtain classic, neat or edgy hair bow designs. There are plenty of resources available online. You can also check out our other bow tutorials and ideas.

Image Source: Pinterest

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