Wooden bow ties and neckties are the new craze in fashion. If you are a fashion buff, then you will appreciate the uniqueness and popularity of these items. You can purchase one for a family member, friends, co-worker, boss or business acquaintance. What is awesome about wooden bow ties is that they can conveniently fit into any occasion. Therefore, you can never be accused of being inappropriate for getting someone one of these. The following is some additional information about these fabulous items just in case you want to join the wooden bow tie revolution.

What Are Wooden Bow Ties?

There is no mystery to the wooden bow ties. They are bow ties that people handcraft of wood. They use a wide variety of wood types to make these amazing ties for the consumers. The first wooden bow tie came into the world because of a Connecticut sculptor who wanted to try making something different. He made the first wooden bow ties and sold them for $300 shortly after that.

Who Wears Wooden Bow Ties?

The cool thing about wooden bow ties is that a variety of people can wear them. They are not restricted or confined to one person or one class of people. Artistic souls like wooden bow ties because they are unique and bold. Older people like them because they are sophisticated and mature. Business persons like them for their elegance, and the younger crowd of people like them because they are different, daring and dazzling. Wooden bow ties are for everyone. Therefore, everyone should have a way to access a good wooden bow tie.

What Types of Wooden Bow Ties Exist

Manufacturers make all sorts of wood ties. A good way to get a good look at all the miscellaneous wood ties is to visit the International Wooden Tie Club or the Wood Bow Ties website. Manufacturers create ties of various styles, lengths and wood types. It is quite possible for an interested person to find a tie made of maple, birch, cedar, walnut and more. The designs vary depending on where you go to buy your tie.You could find something patriotic as well as something plain or something contemporary. The prices of wood ties vary from about $25 to several hundred dollars.

How Do You Choose the Best Wooden Bow Ties?

First, you’d have to make sure that you are buying the tie from a reputable provider. You need to make sure that the shop you are visiting has many positive comments from people who have purchased ties there. Also, you choose which tie you want to get by examining your preferences. Examine your wardrobe and consider what tie design would look best with your clothing. Think about what you want your tie to say about you and your personality and then find one that expresses it. Finding the perfect tie for yourself will be easy at that point.

Top Four Wooden Bow Ties for Super Cool Style


1. Mornington Wooden Bow Tie

Mornington Wooden Bow Tie

The Mornington wooden bow tie is a good pic for someone who is working in a business casual position. The tie is crafted of light-colored pine and is has a light blue cotton centerpiece so that the person who wears it can match it up to his or her dress shirt. It would go quite well with a solid blue shirt or even blue pants. It’s also lightweight and easy to put on or take off. The price is just right for what the customer is getting. The product is $29 right now with a special discount. Once the special sale is over, however, the price goes back up to $55.

2. Dark Striped Options

dark striped wooden bow tie

No one could possibly think of a better tie to go with a brown business suit than the dark stripe walnut and maple option. This option runs for about $65, but it is well worth the price because it comes from a highly reputable manufacturer. A business suit is never complete without the likes of a tie that can give it its final touch of elegance. Interested persons can purchase this one or the solid tie option for its elegance.

3. Gift Pack

batman wooden bow tie

Some people understand the seriousness of a collector’s need for many ties, and they sell gift packs to them when they realize it. A 32-piece gift pack is a wonderful option for a person who intends to wear a different tie every day. The price of the gift box is just right, coming in at about $11.99. The items in the gift box may not be of the best quality as compared to the items that other sellers offer. They are a great option if the buyer is more concerned about outward appearance or if the person doesn’t intend to wear them a whole lot.

4. Maple Skyline

London skyline wooden bow tie

Two Guys is a place that has some extremely fashionable bow ties. One of the coolest ties that this shop carries is the Maple Skyline tie. This tie is crafted of fine light colored maple and sells for about $55. The cool thing is that customers can order from a long list of featured skylines. They can request that their ties feature skylines such as the Atlantic City skyline, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Calgary and more. Shoppers can find some similar items in darker wood and even color wood. It’s an excellent tie for the novelty aspect.

Interested persons should be able to find a wooden bow tie for just about any occasion. If you are looking for something for a friend or loved one, do not hesitate to visit some of the previously mentioned spots and find the perfect tie.

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