If you have a friend in your life that’s a horse person, you might have come across the struggle of what to buy him or her more than once. Christmas and birthdays always seem to be daunting occasions for the horse lovers as far as presents go, but not anymore. Here is a list of the top ten equestrian gifts and gift ideas, ranging from easy and cheap DIY things all the way to designer jewelry.

#1. Merry-go-round

Merry-go-rounds, as they are called in the UK are also known as carousels and their mini versions, meaning music boxes in that particular shape and model are one of the best ways for horse aficionados to celebrate their love. You can buy a modern one, made of plastic or steel, which is a bit more demure and simple or you can find a vintage wooden or porcelain one.

"merry go round"

Porcelain merry go rounds are very classy

#2. Personalized gift soaps

These particular gifts for equestrians embody the love for horses and riding and mix it with usefulness and practicality. You can rest assured your horsey friends will absolutely love washing their hands every day with bars of soap dedicated to their passion. You can buy some that are already made or you can find shops that make their own bio soaps, use ingredients you know your friend likes and also, have the bars specifically engraved.

"bars of soap"

Washing your hands just got a lot more fun

#3. Phone cases

Here is a very cute and not at all pricey equestrian gift idea for those on a budget, but who still want to make it equestrian special. Phone cases are cheap and you can find them for almost any type of smartphone out there. Therefore, either you do some research online or you can go to a printing shop and print a blank case with an equestrian theme, so it’s even cheaper. Blank cases can easily be found on wholesale.

"horse phone case"

Proudly displaying horse love

#4. Jewelry

Designed mostly for girls, at the other end of the gift spectrum as far as price is concerned is jewelry. Personalized rings or bracelets and especially those that are equestrian themed can be pricey, as they are not very easy to find. You, of course, want a piece of jewelry that is unique and special, but that makes it harder to find. And the harder to find, the costlier it will be. In this respect, a good piece of advice would be to chip in with some of your other friends that are thinking of buying a present. A beautifully crafted ring or pair of earrings will be something your equestrian admirer friend will enjoy for a lifetime so skimping is not the case here.

"horse ring"

Eternal love for horses

#5. Cookies

Going back to the low end, another great idea is cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies? And if you make them equestrian themed and in the flavors and spices you know your friend loves, they are sure to be a hit. Use the colors you know he or she loves and make sure to make a test batch a few days before you have to present them, to ensure you rule out any mistakes. Use fondant or special edible drawing tools you can find at your local grocery store to adorn the cookies with horseshoes, horse silhouettes, words and signs. A good idea would be to make the cookies vanilla based, not cocoa, so that they can be white in color and you can decorate them as you wish.

"equestrian cookies"

Equestrian cookies have a yummy theme

#6. Horse treats

Continuing with the DIY presents, one of the simplest, yet one that will be most appreciated is horse treats. If your friend is not only an equestrian fan, but also has an actual horse, he or she will absolutely adore you if you present them with quite a stash of horse treats. Sugar cubes, for example, are very easy to make. You can find quick recipes online and you can make them in any shape, size and color you like. Apart from sugar cubes, most recipes for horse treats, such as carrot crispers, are made from ingredients you probably already have around the house.

"horse treats"

Easy made horse crispers

#7. Homemade hand scrub

Anybody working with or around horses will tell you that it’s quite disastrous for their hands. Therefore, gifting them some truly delicious items to take care of their hands with will be most welcomed. You can buy some hand scrubs and lotions from any cosmetics store or you can make them yourself, following recipes found online.

"homemade scrub"

Lemony goodness for your hands

#8. Wine charms

This idea is that of a very beautiful, classy and unusual gift. Wine charms are not very common and not many people use them or have even heard of them, which will make your gift all the more special. They are basically charms, like the one you can hang on a bracelet or on your wind chime outside, only that they go at the bottom of wine glasses. To personalize them, you can find horse shaped ones in luxury department stores. Any party will turn into a classy party when these charms accompany the glasses.

"wine charms"

Wine drinking gets even classier with charms

#9. Horse printed cutting board

Another lovely way for your friends to bring their love for horses inside is a personalized wooden cutting board. Horse lovers will find this amazing and one of a kind board mesmerizing as well as very useful. By gifting them this cutting board, you will also manage to make their cooking hours a lot more pleasant, therefore surely they will thank you for it. You can present your friends with the cutting board alone or you can find cooking kits.

"horse cutting board"

Cooking becomes horsing around with this cutting board

#10. 3D horse shaped ice cubes

And speaking of the kitchen, here is another item meant for it, but which they will actually use outside it. For those crazy-for-horses friends of yours, there are special ice trays, shaped like horses, which, when frozen over, produce ice cubes shaped like 3D horses. These unique equestrian gifts turn drinking a simple glass of whiskey into a real treat.

"horse ice cubes"

Classy takes the shape of a horse in your whiskey glass

All these presents are simple, yet elegant ways of getting noticed and making your horse loving friends happy. They are one of a kind, personalized and sure to grab all the attention.

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