"pink hair bow"

Big hair bows are definitely back in!

There is no other accessory in existence more feminine that the bow. Perhaps except high heels. But, since you cannot wear those on your head, bows are clearly the way to go. And when you wear them on your head and pair them with a luscious and beautiful mane, you have yourself a winner look. Even though we know you don’t need more convincing, here are 10 reasons why bows are amazing and why you should purchase at least one, today.

#1. Over the top and va-va-voom

Big hair bows are the easiest way of going over the top with your personal style as well as with your femininity. Since you can’t wear a lace dress every day, like you, probably, desire to, a big, stunning hair bow is next best thing. It can add pizazz as well as flamboyancy to your everyday city outfit. Think of the way the ostrich feathers would embellish the French can-can dancer’s hair and you’ll understand why going a little over the top means everything in today’s world where everybody wears the same clothes. Remember: life’s too short to dress boringly.

#2. Fabulous flashback

Maybe some of us remember the 80s and maybe some of us don’t. But one thing is certain. We all crave the insane fashion style. The shoulder pads, the sparkle and glitter absolutely everywhere, the crazy neon colors, the blue lipsticks, the huge, plastic bangles and earrings and, of course, the magnificent, big hair bows. Who can forget Madonna and her unique 80s style complete with fish net t-shirts, cross earrings and, of course, the big black hair bow?

"Madonna hair bow"

Madonna in the 80s

#3. Channeling the princess

We all have a Disney princess in us and we know it. Whether it’s the fragile Aurora, the enterprising Tiana, the bookish Belle or the dreamer Cinderella, we all have a Disney beauty curled up inside us waiting to see the light of day. And it really does seem like nothing can channel your inner Disney princess better that a big hair bow. Ariel wore a huge blue one, Snow White had a blood-red one, complete with head band, Belle had a powdery blue one to hold back her hair in a pony-tail and the list could go on and on. All you have to do is choose your story and your color!

"Ariel big bow"

Ariel wore a big blue bow

#4. Embellishing the bland

More than often, we wear our hair in a top knot or in a pony-tail. It’s a lot easier, faster and more comfortable this way. But it can also be bland. This is where the big bows for hair come in. Wear your typical and simple up do, but add a gorgeous hair bow, which will definitely tie your look together and pull you out of the crowd.

"big bow top know"

A bow and a bun are a match made in heaven

#5. Hiding bad-hair days

We all have bad hair days, it’s true. No matter how hard we try, we can never escape them. And, the funny thing is, they usually happen at the worst moment possible. When you have a date, a meeting, a dinner with your boss, your birthday, New Year’s Eve and so on. But it’s big hair bow to the rescue once more, as they are perfect for hiding what a mess your hair really is. Beauty blogs and YouTube tutorials are full of girls praising the benefits of the hair bow when they’re in distress. You can use it when you go to the beach and your hair is affected by the humidity and even on your wedding day. No one will know!

#6. Being the popular girl

Ever noticed how all the popular girls in high school used to be cheerleaders who wore the specific hair bows? You can have that too, now, and without all the training and the rallies. You can either buy cheerleading bows or even make them yourself at home, as a fun little DIY project, that is sure to bring back many pleasant memories from when you were a careless teenager.

#7. Big hair bows for babies

There’s, probably, nothing cuter in the world than a baby girl with a pink oversized bow on her head. Maybe just a puppy with an oversized bow. But little girls are amazing with their beautiful doll-like dresses, pretty, innocent faces and sweet head apparel. Make your daughter’s childhood last as much as possible and allow her to be house-hold princess a while longer, by dressing her accordingly. A good thing to know here is that making hair bows for your child at home is a lot cheaper than buying them from boutiques, although they do, sometimes, have them for sale. You can find tons of models, patterns and tutorials online, in every fabric, if you need to know how to make big hair bows.

#8. Hiding imperfections

Sometimes we have accidents at the beauty parlor, we don’t get our hair dyed in the shade we wanted or we even mess our hair up at home, by burning it with the curling or straightening iron. You can easily be left with bold spots, skin burns, thin patches or ugly colors that look disastrous on you. One way of quickly fixing and hiding those small problems are big hair bows, which will instantly cover bold spots and take the attention away from the unwanted hair color.

#9. Showing your fun side

Another great reason why big hair bows are amazing is the fact that they make quite a statement about the wearer. They show you are a fun-loving, cheerful, childish girl, who takes life with a pinch of salt and never forgets her femininity. They are an amazing way of releasing your creative side, to show the world exactly what your imagination can do. In the same way that men wear a fun and kooky pocket square even to a very formal suit, to show they are fun, so can you wear a hair bow even in a formal situation.

"fun bow"

Have a little fun while you’re at it!

#10. Boho, chic, fun and sexy, all in one

I dare you to find another accessory that can embody all these traits at once. They can be huge, they can be black, they can be colorful, long, silky, stylish or bejeweled, they all have these qualities in common. They can be boho, chic, fun and sexy, all in one. Versatility is one of the main reasons why hair bows have been so loved for such a long time. Think about the fact that even Queen Marie Antoinette wore them and you’ll understand why. Find out how to make big hair bows out of ribbon and you’ll be just like her.

"Boho bow"

Boho is always in style

Big hair bows are back and every girl should own one. Made sexy by Madonna, classy by Audrey and dreamy by our favorite Disney princesses, big hair bows are here to stay this time!

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