Yellow bow ties come in all types of patterns with a variety of contrasting colors. They’re great for adults or kids of either gender. Though they are bright and colorful, anyone can pull off a yellow bow tie with the right outfit and attitude. These seven yellow bow ties below are high-quality, easy to wear and come in all types of attractive yellow patterns. Read on to find your favorite!

7 Daring Yellow Bow Tie Options and Styling Ideas


Yellow Houndstooth Bow Tie

yellow and white bow tie

This yellow bow tie comes in white and delicate yellow in a houndstooth pattern. The white offsets the yellow and makes it into a relatively calm and understated bow tie even though it contains the bold yellow. This bow tie is hand-made from 100% cotton fabric, so it’s easy to care for and clean.

The texture is structured enough that it’s sure to stay securely tied. It doesn’t come pre-tied, so you’ll get a chance to practice your elegant bow-tying skills. The cotton fabric keeps this bow tie relatively casual-looking, so it could be dressed up or down. Since there’s already white in this bow tie, it would match well with a white button-up shirt and perhaps a light gray suit with a similar fabric and texture.

Pinstripe White and Yellow Bow Tie

yellow and white pinstripe bow tie

This bow tie features narrow pinstripes in white and yellow. It’s made from microfiber, so it has a bright texture and sheen. It’s pre-tied with an adjustable hook and eye neck strap, so it’s easy to put on and wear. Though not included, the shop offers matching ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks.

The yellow in this bow tie is light, almost floral-looking, and it’s complemented by the white to result in a fun but modest pattern. The fabric of this bow tie makes it look a little more upscale, so it’s suitable for special occasions like weddings, proms, or other formal events where you would wear a suit. This bow tie would match well with any classic suit, as long as the color is plain.

Yellow and Navy Blue Bow Tie

mustard yellow and navy bow tie

This yellow bow tie is hand-made from cotton. It features a plain medium-yellow bow with a deep navy blue center. It comes pre-tied with adjustable metal sliders and velcro straps. It’s easy to care for, and with the simple pattern, it’s easy to incorporate into any outfit. The pop of color will draw just the right amount of attention to this attractive and versatile bow tie.

Wear it with a plain button-up shirt and well-fitting pants, and it’ll add a bit of quirky personality for a work or date outfit. It would also look wonderful with a nice navy-blue suit to match the bit of navy blue in the center of the bow tie. This tie comes in both men’s and boy’s sizes and could be a lot of fun to match old and young.

Polka Dot Jacquard Yellow Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set

SetSense Men's Polka Dot Jacquard Wedding Party Self Bow Tie

For a professional-looking but affordable yellow bow tie, this yellow jacquard tie really stands out. It comes untied, and a matching pocket square is included. It’s made from 100% silk, and the quality is commendable for the low price. It has a nice understated but bold yellow as a base and features tiny white and black polka dots to add some pattern and balance out the yellow.

This yellow bow tie would match well with a classic black-and-white suit, especially since the bow tie itself ties in those colors through the polka dot pattern. The matching pocket square will bring more cohesion to your outfit and make you look put-together for a special occasion such as a wedding or party.

Tartan Plaid Yellow Bow Tie, Pocket Square and Cufflinks Set

Tartan Plaid Check Woven Pre-tied Bow Tie

This Tartan plaid bow tie is a much bolder option. It uses a bright, pure yellow color along with black, white and light green as the alternating plaid stripes. It’s made from microfiber and comes with a matching pocket square as well as cufflinks. The bow tie is pre-tied with a fully adjustable strap. It has quite a fancy look for its low price.

This bow tie has quite a lot going on, with the bright yellow and the contrasting plaid pattern, but it would be relatively easy to wear since you can keep the rest of your outfit simple to complement it. Focus on wearing plain black and white. This bow tie could be worn casually, without the pocket square or cufflinks; or you could wear the whole set together along with a suit for a formal occasion.

Bee Pattern Yellow Bow Tie

cotton bee pattern bow tie

This bee pattern yellow bow tie is perfect for wearing during summertime or when you want to reminisce about summer, flowers, and bees. The bee details on the fabric are realistic-looking, artistic and cute; they give the bow tie some bohemian personality. The color is a nice muted yellow in a casual cotton fabric. It’s handmade and can be custom-made for any size. It’s available as a pre-tied bow tie as well as a self-tying bow tie.

Since there’s some white in this bow tie, and since it has such a lighthearted feel to its pattern, this bow tie would go wonderfully with a light-colored casual outfit or suit. Match it with white or light gray, and perhaps a linen suit. It would be perfect for a casual summer wedding or outdoor party.

Woven Floral Handmade Jacquard Yellow Bow Tie

flower pattern yellow bow tie

The pattern on this bow tie is truly unique. It features handmade jacquard fabric in a lovely abstracted floral pattern that is paisley-esque. The overall color of the bow tie is yellow, but it contains tan, maroon as well as a bit of blue. The bow tie is pre-tied and adjustable to fit both men and boys. The material looks high quality, and the fabric is attractive and versatile. As a handmade product, this bow tie is on sale for a total bargain of a price at $9.99.

This bow tie could be worn for a variety of occasions. Stay away from stripes or other patterns in your shirt, pants or jacket – this bow tie has all the pattern your outfit needs! Try matching it with white, light tan or light gray.

Yellow bow ties may seem a bit “out there” at first, but in fact, they come in so many different patterns and fabrics that you’re sure to find one for any occasion. They can be formal and professional-looking or casual and summery. Would you ever dare to wear a yellow bow tie? How would you match it with the rest of your outfit? Leave us a comment below with your ideas!

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