Hair bows have been a popular fixture in fashion trends for decades. From Minnie Mouse in the 1920s to Lady Gaga just a few years ago, many pop culture icons and characters have made bows popular throughout the years. If you think bows are for children, these fashionable retro hairstyles might just help me change your mind. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends, you’ll know that retro styles and patterns have been a huge source of inspiration for this spring’s runway collections.

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Hair bows and hair bands can help you achieve an effortless retro look with little effort. They can completely change your hairstyle for the better. They are feminine, girly, and fresh. These qualities make hair bows an ideal option for sprucing up a look. A big hair bow isn’t just a statement hair accessory. Depending on the model you choose, the color it is, and your actual hairstyle, it can help you dress up or dress down any outfit.

If you’re looking for a bit of big bow inspiration, these stylish, retro-inspired hairstyles can help you assemble your next look. If you’re not a big bow enthusiast, the options below will hopefully change your mind about hair bows by the time you’re done reading through this article. The key to any great fashion breakthrough has always been taking chances. Try something new and make it your own. It might just become your go-to look.

1.      The Wavy 20’s

Monochrome portrait of elegant blond retro woman   with beautiful hairdo and little hat

Show the 1920’s some love by sporting the ever-flattering structured waves that the decade was famous for. You can always count on 20’s-inspired hairstyles to make you look elegant and sensual. The best part about the typical 1920’s waves is that they look amazing for any length of hair. These vintage finger waves look amazing paired with a big hair bow. Accentuate the waves on one side of the face and pull back the hair on the other side. Depending on your hair length, you may need to tuck the ends or the locks behind your ear and let them drape down your shoulder. Secure the hair that you are pulling back with a big ribbon bow or with a big bow hair clip. You’ll have a lovely vintage hairstyle that will add some glamor to any outfit. Don’t forget a powerful lipstick to complete the notoriously dramatic vintage look.

2.      The 60’s Beehive Bun

beehive hair bun

Whenever I think about the 1960’s, the first fashion staple that pops into my mind is the beehive hairstyle. The puffy buns seemed to be everywhere during the 60’s and bigger was definitely better back then. Put a modern twist on a beehive bun and create the ultimate retro hairdo. Instead of teasing your hair for hours, you can use a hair bun sponge to create an oversized bun. If you need the look to be more formal, try to create an oversized bun by using a big hair bun. Teasing the hair for a classic beehive bun will take longer and give you a messier, grungier look instead. Use a statement ribbon hair bow or a glittery hair bow to complete the look. Secure it at the front base of the hair bun. It will draw attention to your stunning hairstyle without overpowering your look.  If you are going for a modified beehive bun that is over-sized but elegant, you can also place the bow at the back of the bun. Be sure to keep accessories such as earrings and necklaces minimalistic to avoid looking too eclectic.

3.      The Romantic 50’s Locks

romantic hair bow hairstyle

Stuck in a rut? Learned how to make big cheerleading hair bows and don’t know how to use them? Don’t stick to the basics, improvise! There’s more to big hair bows than two ponytails and a cheerleading practice. Switch things up with this lovely, romantic look. Curl your hair just enough to create loose waves and flowing curly locks. Pin back the hair on your temples and twist it ass you’re pulling it back. Braid or pin the ends of these two lateral locks together in the middle and let the rest of your hair fall down freely. Then tie a big hair bow into them. You can learn how to make big hair bows or you can buy them ready-made. Ribbon hair bows work best for this look because they are more flexible. If you know how to make big hair bows out of ribbon, make sure to leave the edges of the ribbon long to achieve this particular look. It’s easy to accomplish and it will add a romantic touch to any outfit.

4.      The Actual Hair Bun

hair bow hair style

Using hair as its own accessory has become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades. With intricate braids and styles everywhere you look, it’s easy to get discouraged by complicated hairstyle tutorials. But this hairdo is simple to accomplish and you can learn how to make a big hair bow in no time. Make it out of your actual hair. It’s more than a Lady Gaga 90’s tribute, it’s a great hairstyle that puts the fun back in funky. What better way to show your love of hair bows than to turn your hair into one? As with regular hair bows, you can adjust the size of your hair bow and decide on where you want to braid it. There are plenty of photo and video tutorials online to teach you how to achieve this fresh, girly look.

5.      The 70’s Volume

70s inspired hairstyle

Go for that full 1970’s volume by using some big curlers. Brush the curls out and tease the hair to maximize the volume. Then brush back the bangs and use a ribbon to tie a headband around the middle of the hairdo. Leave some locks over the ears and cover the headband if you want to. The important thing is to tie the ribbon into a bow at the top of your head. The rest of the ribbon can get lost in your hair. This classic 70’s hairstyle will bring a chic, casual touch to any outfit so don’t hesitate to try it.

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