If you are a rather patriotic person, you should express it with pride. Therefore, you should find ways to show how you feel about your country. Why not start with wearing something small like an American flag bow tie, that can make a difference in the way others perceive you. A piece of accessory is a good way to show your love for the United States as well as celebrating the Independence Day.

american flag bow tie crafting

An American flag bow tie will make a statement about your passion for the Stars and Stripes. This way, you will even communicate more because people will become intrigued by your outfit and you will start many conversations with the help of your new bow tie.

How to Make an American Flag Bow Tie?


There are plenty of online resources that can help you creating this beautiful accessory. You can choose the American flag bow tie tutorial that best suits your preferences and need. However, we managed to select the most useful tips in order to help you easily make this kind of bow tie.

There is more than one way to create a striking American flag bow tie pattern. All you need is some guidance, a little perseverance and a lot of creativity and imagination. Furthermore, there are three main ways in which you can create an amazing bow tie. You can either sew the fabric, using an American flag bow tie clip to fix the two ends together or crochet this particular accessory.

Create A Beautiful American Flag Bow Tie – The Sewing Method



  • Choose your materials. First, you need to select fabric, as well as gather around all your working tools, such as scissors, sewing needle, and thread, or a sewing machine. You can find whatever fabric you want by visiting local craft shops, searching for online materials, or even recycling one of your older clothing materials.
  • Select a simple yet elegant American flag bow tie pattern. The pattern can also be purchased from an online or a local craft shop. You can even download one for free from online websites. However, be careful to choose a pattern that matches your skills and preferences.
  • Put the pattern to good use. Start cutting the material after placing the pattern on it. Pay attention to this step of the process, because you have to obtain multiple facets that are of proper sizes and shapes. Most likely, you will need a total of four material pieces, which will have the same measures, regarding shape and size.
  • Put the facets together. The next step is to iron all the four layers of your American flag bow tie to make them stick together. This way, it will be easier for you to place one part in front of the other without slipping any part of the material.
  • The complicated part. In this stage of crafting your American flag bow tie, you will need to use either a sewing needle or a sewing machine. You will have to sew all the facets of the bow tie together. Place the smaller parts in front of the larger ones. This way, you will create a beautiful multifaceted bow tie. You will have to stitch the parts together by sewing a straight line across the middle of the bow tie. Then, you will have to iron the parts
  • Continue the sewing process. Now, you will need to stitch both long pieces of the material. You can use a needle and thread. However, the best and fastest way to do it is by using a sewing machine. Pay attention to this step, because you have to maintain an equal distance from the American flag bow tie’s edges. Furthermore, one end of the bow tie must remain unsewn.
  • Flip the bow tie. Now, you are almost finished. You have to flip the bow inside out by pulling the entire tie through its small hole.
  • Sew all the remaining edges. Make a straight stitch along the edges of the bow tie, creating a tube inside the accessory. Make sure that both ends of the American flag bow tie match each other.
  • Final ironing. Ironing your bow tie again will fix the tie’ parts closely together, as well as creating a sharper Moreover, it will be easier for you to tie it around your collar.

How to Wear an American Flag Bow Tie?

If you were wondering how to wear American flag bow tie, then you should think of special occasions such as the 4th of July. First of all, you will need to learn the proper way to knot a bow tie, so that it will fit perfectly around your neck.

How to Tie the American Flag Bow Tie?


  • Being with placing the bow tie around your collar. However, pay attention to the way you fix both ends of the tie because one of them has to be a little longer compared to the other.
  • Cross one end over the second one. Most probably, you already figured out that the longer edge has to come from the shorter end.
  • Pull the longer edge around the shorter end and fix it by placing it toward your collar. Knot them together and use the shorter edge to create an American flag bow tie.
  • Go back to the longer end and pull it across the shorter edge. This way, you will create the middle or the center of the American flag bow tie.
  • Form another bow. Use the longer side of the fabric to create another bow. You have to push the longer edge’s loop in the back of the shorter end. Now, your bow tie is complete and in place. All you need to do at this stage is to adjust the American flag bow tie, by pulling the two parts of the bow.


Wearing an interesting accessory can make your outfit stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, creating your American flag bow tie will make others appreciate your effort and dedication. As you have seen above, by going through all the guidelines we offered you, there are some simple steps to follow when you want to craft a beautiful hand-made bow tie.

An American flag bow tie can be worn at special occasions such as the Independence Day. However, if you are more of a nonconformist, feel free to wear it at some other events as well. You will only need a couple of things to make it. The most important part is to let your creativity flow and have fun while doing the bow tie.

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