Every girl dreams of a perfect moment in life. For some, their wedding day takes on fairy tale proportions. Others can’t wait that long. Fortunately for them, the quinceañera is right around the corner with the complete glamor repertoire. A bewitching ball gown, high heeled Cinderella slippers, diamond tiaras, flower bouquets, and the elegantly chic quinceañera hairstyles.

For the Quince of your dreams, we’ve weaved together easy-to-do quinceañera hairstyles to complement that 15th birthday, fresh and girlish look with the first delights of femininity. The celebration is, after all, a coming of age that rolls the red carpet for the girl to make her first steps as a woman.

Quinceañera Hairstyles to Channel the Inner Quince Goddess

Quinceañera girl

In the Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Central and South American traditions, a girl’s peek into womanhood is celebrated in the form of the quinceañera or a Fiesta Rosa. While in the US, a spin on the tradition is the Sweet Sixteen. In a similar fashion, the old debutante or cotillion balls are usually reserved for young ladies belonging to the upper class.

While these celebrations are paying homage to rich cultural traditions, more importantly, they are the official, socially recognized gateway into the age of maturity. In the old times, a quinceañera announced that the girl was prepared for marriage by the age fifteen. The alternative would have been nunhood.

A Fiesta to Celebrate Womanhood

Girls with different Quinceañera hairstyles

Mothers would teach their daughters to cook, weave, and maintain a household in preparation for the years to come, thus trying to ease the transition from a childhood free of responsibilities to childbearing and married life.

At the time, the Quinze carried slightly less daunting undertones and was a considered a low-scale, family affair. On the background of a small, modest party, the 15-year old girls would mingle with the young men in the community. All of them, potential suitors. Girls would be also be allowed to tweeze their eyebrows, shave their legs, and wear all the trimmings and frills of womanhood, like makeup, jewelry, and high heels.

Customarily, the party girl would have to attend the Court of Honor, where she would send personal invitations to all the special people in her life – family, relatives, friends – and ask them to join her in the spotlight on her special day.

The young ladies attending the dance are called the damas, while the boys the chambelanes. And of course, for every princess, there’s a prince. In the case of the Quinze, a young male escort or ‘man of honor’. On the big night, the star of the evening would receive a few traditional items as her symbols of honor.

  • Tiara.
  • Scepter.
  • Flower Bouquet.
  • Cross, Bible, and rosary.
  • Champagne glasses and cake decorations.
  • The last doll, symbolizing the end of childhood.
  • Guestbook, photo album, ceremony pillows, and reception cards.

Nowadays, quinceañeras have been stripped of almost all the classic, religious implications. Most celebrations have upgraded from intimate, simple food and cake parties into extravagant and lavish evening events that could cost up to $15,000.

We’ve seen the gorgeous gowns and the full regalia adorning the quinceanera, but how’s a girl to wear her hair for the once-in-a-lifetime occasion?

Quinceañera Hairstyles

Hair Bows

This year, your hair is your best accessory. Why use pins and ribbons when you can use your natural curls? Also, you can never go wrong with bows. See where we’re heading with this? That’s right, bows made out of your own hair. The technique is simpler and more elegant than you might think at a first guess. Hair bows can tame any unruly mane of curls while introducing some volume and fluff in the otherwise straight, dull hair.

Bow Buns

Bow Buns quinceañera hairstyles

It’s so easy is almost intuitive. Just grab a hair tie pull your hair back into a ponytail, making sure no tangles or snags are interfering with the creative process. Wait! Don’t be in a hurry to complete the move. Stop just before pulling the hair all the way through. Instead, create a loop and leave a loose end for further maneuvering.

Move the loose end to the front of the hairdo, then divide your loop into two halves. Now, for the grand finale, just take the loose end and string it between the two loops to the back, tucking it under the hair tie.

Pig Tail or Pony Tail Hair Bows

Ponytail Hair Bow for quinceañera hairstyles

While a little bit more complicated, the principle stays the same. Only your hair and a couple of hair ties are required to get this girl-next-door, yet chic look. As far as quinceañera hairstyles go, these cute little pigtail bows couldn’t be more appropriate.

To walk through the various steps, here’s a YouTube tutorial that seems to have attracted quite a crowd. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. This is far from a hairy situation.

Headpieces for a Sweet Quinze

As long as we covered the natural looks – no pins, all hair – we thought we should top off the quinceañera hairdo with a few touches of glamor and sparkle.

And there’s nothing like a jeweled tiara to draw a crowd’s attention. However, while these particular princess crowns are the traditional headpieces to accessorize the beautiful white dresses, we thought to give your look a modern twist with a few designer items.

Just remember. Whichever headpiece you choose, make sure it doesn’t feel too heavy or uncomfortable on your head. After all, you want to rock the dance floor, right?

Chain the Rules Hair Comb

Hair comb with chain and ear cuff for quinceañera hairstyles

Hair combs carry a Victorian vibe of sophistication and elegance. Add a delicate golden chain and an ear cuff to it, and you can add some edginess with a modern look. You can tuck this chic headpiece into a half-up or updo style for the extra twinkle. As a plus, the hair combs also work great with short hair.

Find the Chain the Rules Hair Comb, $14.99 at modcloth.com.

Flower Headband

Pearl Flower Band for quinceañera hairstyles

Since your quinceañera hairstyles should reflect springtime and renewal in your life, flower headbands seem like a highly appropriate accessory. A floral crown with metallic faux leather and pearls is not only a more modest and fresh touch to the otherwise glamor-overloaded party, but pair it with a Gibson roll hairdo, and the mirror will show you a match made in heaven.

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